Wildlife Pest Control & Removal Services

Wildlife pests are a big concern for homeowners and business owners in Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area. As land development continues to rise, wildlife inch closer and closer to homes and buildings in search of food and shelter. 877-BUG-FREE has over 20 years of experience in wildlife pest control & humane removal. During our initial inspection we will first identify the type of wildlife intruding on your property and create an effective, customized solution for removal & further prevention. If wildlife pests are becoming a nuisance in or around your property, schedule a wildlife control service or inspection today.

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Wildlife Animal Pest Control, Treatment & Removal

Wildlife pest control includes a wide variety of animals, the most common include: raccoons, opossums, squirrels, groundhogs, skunks & more. Not only do these wildlife animals wreak havoc on your building’s structure, but they can also create fire hazards, entry points for other pests and spread dangerous diseases. Raccoons, squirrels and rodents are known to chew through wires, eat drywall and destroy property/belongings. For these reasons and more, being proactive about wildlife removal & deterrent is extremely important for homeowners and business owners. Our exterminators help customers prevent ongoing wildlife pest invasions through safe, humane and effective removal solutions.

Humanely Remove Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels & Other Wildlife

The most common wildlife pest control solution is baiting, trapping and relocation. Depending on the points of entry and area of invasion, 877-BUG-FREE will install traps with bait. After 24 hours we will come back to inspect the traps, remove the wildlife and determine if all the intruding animals have been caught. Once confirmed, our pest control specialists will repair any damage discovered and seal all entry points including attic, roof, gaps between exterior walls, dryer vents, garage door opening and more. To ensure the highest level of protection against wildlife pests, our exterminators can provide annual inspections as part of ongoing treatment.

Wildlife pests generally make themselves known by leaving droppings throughout your home or business, making scratching or squealing noises in the walls & attic or leaving strange smells behind from urine, feces or by dying in your walls. Schedule a wildlife pest control inspection & removal plan through our Online schedule service feature. We have appointments available that fit your busy schedule and ensure we act quickly to identify and fix your pest problem.

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