Wasp Nest Removal & Extermination

Homeowners and business owners in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware will typically come into contact with one of three wasp species: yellow jackets, hornets or paper wasps. The first sign of a wasp infestation is the presence of wasps flying around your property and their honeycomb shaped nest. The wasp nest is used to shelter their young and built outside on structures like sheds, window frames, decks and roofing. If you find wasps inside your home that means there is a larger infestation issue. Since wasps are highly territorial and protective of their young, using their sharp stingers as weapons, it is always best to call a professional wasp nest removal company. Book an Emergency Wasp Nest Removal Appointment Online.

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Safe & Effective Wasp Nest Removal Professionals

The presence of wasps outside of your home or business can be frightening and uncomfortable, especially for those who are allergic. As soon as you see the development of a wasp nest it is imperative to call in the professionals for immediate removal. DIY extermination sprays or batting down the nest yourself can lead to a swarm of angry wasps chasing and continuously stinging you or your family! Wasp nest removal should only be attempted if you have the proper protective equipment and the understanding of how to deal with these temperamental pests. Our technicians are trained in all facets of wasp nest removal & can ensure it is done safely and effectively.

Wasp Prevention Services

There are many reasons wasps could be attracted to your backyard and feel comfortable building a nest on your property. Gutters are one of their favorite places to nest; make sure your gutters & downspouts are cleaned at the beginning of every season. Like bees, wasps are also attracted to flowers and other plants. You may want to consider relocating your garden or plants to a section of your backyard away from the foundation. If wasps are a persistent problem at your home or business, call 877-BUG-FREE for a property inspection. Our technicians can provide tips & recommend exclusion services for wasp prevention.

While wasps will generally stay away from humans unless they feel provoked, their presence in your backyard can still be distressing. Don’t let wasps ruin your backyard for the summer season! Use our Online Schedule Application to easily book an appointment with one of our professional pest control technicians to remove an active wasp nest and provide an inspection for future prevention.

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