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Voles are small rodents that share similar features to mice: compact body, short legs, short-furred tail, small eyes and chisel-shaped front teeth. Similar to moles, voles are a headache for homeowners and gardeners, as they’re known to create a deep network of tunnels that wreak havoc on lawns! 877-BUG-FREE specializes in identifying voles and determining the best methods to trap and remove them from residential and commercial properties. We only practice safe and humane methods for removing these burrowing pests. Our technicians offer vole control & removal services throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. Book a Vole Control Appointment today.

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Voles not only cause considerable damage to your turf but are also known to destroy young trees and woody ornamental plants. Installing live traps is a safe and highly effective method for whittling down the vole population on your property. 877-BUG-FREE will strategically install humane traps, which will catch, not kill, voles. Our technicians will come back periodically to check the traps and safely relocate the voles far off your property. Depending on the severity of the vole population you can expect it to take 1 – 2 weeks to get rid of the rodents. Hiring a professional vole and pest management company is the only way to ensure a proper end to the infestation and reclaim your beautiful lawn.

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While there is little you can do to completely prevent voles from invading your yard there are several effective tips you can implement to keep your outdoor space beautiful.

  1. Remove Vegetation: Since voles do not like to feed in the open, the easiest way to keep them out of your hard is to modify your habitat. Keep your grass mowed short, lightly mulch around trees & shrubs and keep up on snow removal.
  2. Protect Young Trees: Since this is a voles’ favorite food source discouraging this behavior is key to keeping them away. You can wrap the lower trunk of trees with wire mesh or plastic tubing to protect young trees.

The most comprehensive way to remove & eliminate voles is to hire our professional pest control company. Schedule an appointment online, sign up for a Monthly Home Plan for extra pest protection or visit our pest control FAQ page to answer common questions about pests and our company.

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