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Ticks are tiny pests that can cause a huge threat to humans and animals alike. Their small size allows them to attach to a host and begin feeding without detection, sometimes for several hours or days at a time. Not only is that an unsettling thought, ticks can spread dangerous diseases including Lyme disease and tularemia. They are common in the wooded and grassy areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. It is important to take the proper preventative measures to protect your residential and commercial property by hiring a tick exterminator. Book a Tick Control & Exterminator Appointment Online.

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Ticks prefer to live on trees or the blades of tall grass, which allows them to easily climb onto an unsuspecting host that just happens to be passing through. Although small, they can attach to your shoe or sock and quickly crawl up your body until they find a suitable, usually undetectable, spot on your skin to feed. While one or two ticks per season are normal, it is highly recommended to have a professional tick control & extermination treatment plan in place to protect yourself against the dangerous diseases they carry. From preventative measures to effective treatment methods, 877-BUG-FREE is here to keep you safe against a tick infestation on your property.

Expert Tick Pest Control Solutions

Hire one of our professional tick exterminators to perform a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial premises. We can expertly identify areas where a tick infestation is likely and develop a custom treatment and prevention plan. Our tick control checklist includes a variety of outdoor lawn maintenance tips, personal protection efforts and recommendations from our expert technicians. Keeping grass & vegetation short and well-maintained is the easiest way to prevent ticks from getting too close to you or your pets. Tick repellent spray is safe for your family and pets, yet highly effective at creating a barrier between heavily-infested wooded areas and your backyard.

Don’t let the presence of ticks keep you from enjoying your backyard. Book an appointment with our expert tick exterminator to create a treatment plan to keep your family safe. Although ticks are most active early spring and late summer - fall, tick prevention is important all year long. Use our Online Schedule Application to find an available appointment time for a technician to inspect your property.

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