Termite Pest Control Treatment in Philadelphia & NJ Tri-State Area

A termite infestation is the single most costly pest infestation a home or business can face. Once a colony has entered your property, they begin to destroy your home or building’s structural integrity as wood is their main source of food. The reason the costs associated with a termite infestation are so great, is because it often goes undetected for months, allowing the colony to grow out of control! Protect your home or business by taking steps for prevention and investing in effective termite treatment options through 877-BUG-FREE. Our exterminators provide detailed meter inspections and termite treatments for residential and commercial properties in Bucks County PA, New Jersey and Delaware. Schedule an Inspection Online.

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Termite Inspection & Termite Treatment Services

The largest contributing factor in termite infestation prevention is to schedule an annual inspection. Property examinations are key to catching tell-tell signs of the presence of a termite colony before it grows out of control. Our exterminators have over 20 years of experience in identifying a wide variety of pests, including subterranean termites. Trained termite specialists will thoroughly inspect the inside with the use of a moisture meter and visually inspect the and outside of your property looking for clues, evidence of termite activity and points of access. This inspection allows us to customize a treatment or prevention plan to protect your property against a termite colony infestation.

Home & Business Termite Exterminator & Pest Control

While a terminate inspection from a professional exterminator will go a long way in prevention there are several things you can do in between the examinations. 877-BUG-FREE recommends the following termite prevention tips:

  • Remove wood lying along the foundation or in the crawlspace of the home
  • Make sure all downspouts are shedding water far from the foundation of the property
  • Check wooden fences regularly for rotting wood
  • Keep moisture away from foundation by keeping the soil level against the house below siding.
  • Make sure soil along the foundation is properly graded away from the home.
  • Remove dead & rotting trees
  • Seal cracks around water & gas lines

Most insurance companies do not cover termite treatment or the cost to repair damages. Be smart! Schedule your termite inspection today using our easy online appointment booking feature. Residential & commercial clients can easily select their preferred date & time and one of our exterminators will arrive to begin your termite inspection and treatment plan. Residential clients can enroll in one of our Exclusive Monthly Home Plans, which includes an annual termite inspection and even a warranty!

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