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Stink Bugs are an invasive insect that was accidentally introduced in Pennsylvania in 1998 from the Asian regions of China, Japan and Korea. While they pose no threat to humans they can damage ornamental plants, fruit trees and gardens. Their flat body shape allows them to easily sneak into homes and businesses through torn window screens and cracks in doors. Like cluster flies, they seek shelter when the weather turns cold in the hopes of surviving the winter. Their presence becomes known when heat lures them out of their hiding spots as they try to escape. You’ll notice them in large numbers on doors & windows facing the sun. Book a Stink Bug Control & Extermination Appointment today.

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Residential & Commercial Stink Bug Control Services

There are three major signs of a stink bug infestation on a residential or commercial property including:

  1. Large number of stink bugs detected inside the property during the fall.
  2. Foul odor lingering for hours.
  3. Swarms of stink bugs on the sunny side of the home & business, especially windows.
  4. Significant damage to crops

Stink bugs are a very difficult pest to eradicate with DIY methods proving useless in eliminating the root of the problem. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property to identify where they are entering and the degree of infestation. We’ll take this information and create a custom treatment plan to eliminate and prevent future stink bugs.

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Chemical products are necessary to eliminate a current infestation and stop these invasive pests from entering your home. We use powerful, yet eco-friendly sprays to eliminate and prevent stink bugs and other similar insects. Our extermination products will not damage grass, plants or the environment and are not harmful to your family or pets. Based on your initial inspection, reapplication may be required to ensure successful treatment & extermination. Since stink bugs do not have any natural predators and can reproduce at a rapid rate, it is important to call one of our stink bug control specialists immediately to prevent an extreme infestation.

The most active months for stink bugs are March through September, so it is important to have a prevention plan in place before these invasive pests begin to come out of hiding. Book a stink bug control appointment online using our 24HR Schedule Service Application.