Residential & Commercial Squirrel Control

Squirrels are a nuisance wildlife pest that can become very costly to homeowners and business owners if not addressed properly and in a timely manner. These pests are known to carry diseases, reproduce very quickly and cause damage to insulation, wiring, woodwork and ceiling panels. Unfortunately, they are found in all parts of NJ, PA, DE and MD, meaning proper prevention methods are needed to protect your building. They will find their way into a home or building’s vents, attic and other small spaces to nest and reproduce. 877-BUG-FREE can help you identify an infestation, remove these pests and implement an effective squirrel control & treatment plan. Book a Squirrel Control Appointment Online.

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Squirrel Control & Removal Services

Thousands of years of contact with human beings means squirrels are well-adapted to us and are normally not fearful. Seeking food, shelter and a safe place to reproduce, these pests can get into your home through small openings or even chew their way in! Once they’ve declared your home or business a viable home they can stay and reproduce until you notice the problem and call in professional help. An active squirrel infestation must be addressed using baits and traps. Once our technician confirms all of the pests have been removed from your property, we will set you up with an exclusion plan for future prevention.

Tips to Prevent Squirrel Infestation

Our biggest tip to keeping squirrels out of your home or business is to make sure no one feeds them! Make sure you rake and remove fruits and nuts that have fallen from trees or bird feeders, as well as other human food. Planting certain flowers like daffodils, hyacinth and allium can deter these wildlife pests. Most importantly, make sure your roofing, siding and foundation is free of cracks or ways they can enter your building. 877-BUG-FREE can customize a squirrel control or pest exclusion plan to seal & protect your property, keeping it safe and free from a wide variety of pests.

We make it easy to schedule an inspection of your residential or commercial property with our safe & secure online scheduling service. Whether you have a current pest problem or you want to see what preventative measures you can take, 877-BUG-FREE offers expert advice and pest control & prevention solutions. Our booking portal is open 24/7. Appointments are available that fit around your busy schedule.

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