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The presence of spiders in your home or business is not only unsettling, it can also mean you have a larger pest problem on your hands. While spiders can quickly breed into an infestation, their existence can also indicate other pests they’re preying on are living in your home. Most spiders pose very little dangers to humans and pets, but that doesn’t mean you want them infesting your home! A spider infestation is common in the dark corners of basements, attics, air vents and other inconspicuous areas. 877-BUG-FREE provides expert spider control & removal services for residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. Book a Spider Control & Extermination Appointment today.

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Spider Control & Extermination Services

The first step in your comprehensive spider control & removal plan is to identify the species of spider. Next, our technicians will establish if they moved indoors in search of mates & warmth or if the spiders were lured inside preying on other insects. It is also common for spiders to be accidentally introduced when bringing in contaminated firewood, plants or clothing. Since every yard, home and infestation is different, 877-BUG-FREE will establish a spider control treatment plan specific to your individual pest problem. As part of our commitment to excellence, we stay up to date on the latest in pest control technologies, methods and solutions. Our spider control services not only eliminate an active infestation, but also helps to control future problems.

Natural & Effective Treatments for Spider Infestations

877-BUG-FREE is dedicated to providing highly effective pest control solutions that do not harm the environment and are safe to use around your family and pets. Our technicians utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods to efficiently resolve pest problems without relying on harsh chemicals. Our spider treatments meet all local and federal regulations for pest sprays and pesticides. Further, we focus on Exclusion Pest Control to stop an infestation before it can start. Power spray services, properly sealing cracks in the foundation and repairing tears in window/door screens are safe and proactive options to keep spiders & other pests out of your home or commercial building.

Don’t let spiders keep you from utilizing your basement, attic or outdoor shed. Book a spider control appointment online with 877-BUG-FREE for safe, highly effective treatment & prevention methods. We also offer Exclusive Home Plans, which offers year-round protection against 100 common pests & insects!

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