Residential & Commercial Snake Control Burlington County NJ & Tri-State Area

While snakes tend to get a bad reputation, they are actually an important part of our ecosystem as they help keep nuisance insects, pests and rodents at bay. There are several snake species common to Pennsylvania and the tri state area including the Eastern Garter Snake, the Black Rat Snake and the Red-Bellied Snake. While these snakes are harmless, the Timber Rattlesnake and the Northern Copperhead are venomous. 877-BUG-FREE offers expert, humane snake control options include removal, habitat modification, entry point repair and much more. Snake control & removal services are available for residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. Book a Snake Control Appointment Online.

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Snake Control & Removal Services

Like most predatory animals, snakes are attracted to easy food sources. If you are seeing a large number of snakes on your property it is likely there are other pests and rodents present. Our pest control professionals will first inspect your property to identify food sources, holes in your exterior walls and/or the existence of other pests. Depending on what our technicians find, we will create a custom removal, treatment and prevention plan. Whether you have snakes in your yard, or they have found their way into your home, we’ll safely trap, remove and relocate them to a more suitable habitat.

Effective Snake Prevention Tips

Investing in snake prevention goes a long way in keeping these legless reptiles off your residential or commercial property. Easy tips for homeowners and business owners include keeping your yard free of clutter, cutting your grass short and inspecting the perimeter of your home or business for entry points. For an active infestation and to ensure the safe removal of the reptiles from your property, always consult with a professional wildlife control company. An annual pest control inspection allows our technicians to spot snakes, rodents, nests and other pests before the infestation grows out of control.

While most snake species that live in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states are harmless for the most part, their presence around your property can be uncomfortable. From eliminating mosquitos to removing a bee hive, our technicians can ensure your backyard is a peaceful, pest-free oasis. Book a snake control & removal appointment online.