Rodent Control Services in Philadelphia & Tri-State Area

Several animals fall under the rodent pest category, most commonly include rats, mice, bats, moles, voles and squirrels. Rodent control services include extermination, treatment and preventative measures for both residential and commercial properties. 877-BUG-FREE has over 20 years of experience in humane, yet highly effective rodent control and removal. Our fleet of trucks and highly trained exterminators are available for appointments in the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey and Delaware. A thorough inspection of your property allows us to identify entry points and reasons rodents are attracted home or business. A custom rodent control service & prevention plan will be determined based on your unique situation. Click here to schedule a Rodent Control Service & Inspection appointment online.


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Expert Rodent Control Services

Mice: Since mice breed rapidly it is best to target an infestation at the first sign of their presence, when the colonies are small. A combination of traps and bait are the most effective mouse extermination methods.

Rats: Rats are known to travel in packs in search of a steady and reliable food source. These rodents pose a health threat to humans and pets alike. Chemical products, baits and trapping are common for extermination. Fumigation may have to be used for a serious infestation.

Moles & Voles: These rodent pests are a threat to your garden & landscaping but will rarely enter your home or building. Moles & voles burrow underground in search of food, which can cause damage to young trees, plants and decorative landscaping.

Squirrels: Tree squirrels and flying squirrels will generally enter your property through the chimney or roofing system. They can cause significant damage to the building by chewing insulation, wiring, woodwork and ceiling panels.


Rate & Mice Prevention & Extermination

Our rodent control services work in 3 parts: Inspection, Exclusion & Annual Inspection. An 877-BUG-FREE professional will perform an inspection of the inside & outside of your property. This will determinate what, where and how the rodents are entering your building. Next, the pests must be removed with baiting & trapping and all identified entry points must be sealed properly. Finally, annual inspections are recommended to check previously identified spots & find any new ones that may have developed.

If you suspect there is a rodent problem in your home or commercial business, call a professional exterminator right away. Rats, mice & other rodents are known to carry dangerous diseases that could affect your family or employees. Schedule a Rodent Control Inspection & Extermination Service Online.