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877-BUG-FREE provides highly effective pest control, extermination and exclusion services for residential, business and industrial properties throughout Philadelphia, PA including Manayunk, Italian Market, Rittenhouse Square, Old City and Fishtown. Our certified, trained technicians provide insect, wildlife animal, bed bug treatment and rodent control in Manayunk, Philadelphia. 877-BUG-FREE is backed by 20+ years of industry experience; we stay up to date on the latest in pest control methods and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) treatment options. Services include emergency appointments, year-round prevention & protection and residential monthly plans to meet your budget. Our exterminators have the tools and industry knowledge to kill an active infestation and provide solutions for future prevention. Schedule a Manayunk Pest Control Appointment Online.

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Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA

Ant Pest Control: Small, but mighty, ants can lay up to 800 eggs in a single day! DIY extermination methods are impossible. Our experienced pest control company will find all nearby satellite colonies and apply the proper treatment methods for extermination.

Bed Bug Pest Control: We offer highly customized bed bug extermination, prevention and treatment plans. Our effective plans include a thorough inspection, treatment (steam vapor and/or chemical), follow up inspection and an industry leading 6-month warranty against reinfestation.

Cockroach Pest Control: Cockroaches are known to carry dangerous diseases like E. Coli and salmonella and can reproduce at rapid rates. At the first sign of a cockroach in your home or business, call 877-BUG-FREE to stop an infestation in its tracks!

Rodent Pest Control: Our rodent control services are effective against rats, mice, moles, voles and squirrels. Our 4-part treatment includes initial inspection, extermination/cleanup, exclusion and annual inspection.

Termite Pest Control: Treating an active termite infestation is costly and time consuming; often, clients do not know there is a problem until it has begun to affect their building’s structural integrity. While we can treat and eliminate a termite problem, we highly recommend an annual inspection to catch tell-tale signs before the colony grows out of control.

Wildlife Animal Pest Control: Wildlife pests pose a great threat to homeowners and businesses in Manayunk, Philadelphia. Once they’ve entered your property, these pests will begin to nest, chew wiring, eat drywall and destroy your property. If you suspect the presence of wildlife in your home, call for humane trapping & removal and prevention.

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Easily schedule an appointment online, sign up for a monthly exclusive pest control home plan or visit our pest control FAQ page for more information regarding common pest issues. The scheduling application is available 24/7 for your convenience. At 877-BUG-FREE we make it easy to book a pest control appointment around your busy schedule. We serve the following areas in Philadelphia: Manayunk, Italian Market, Rittenhouse Square, Old City and Fishtown.