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Pests, bed bugs, termites, rodents and wildlife animals can cause serious problems for homeowners, business owners and commercial properties in New Jersey. Pests and rodents are on a constant search for food, water and safe shelter; they will always be a threat unless you take proactive steps for prevention and exclusion. A small crack or breach in the exterior of your property is all it takes to invite an infestation. 877-BUG-FREE has over 20 years of experience in pest control and extermination service for NJ homeowners and businesses. To protect your space, hire our expert exterminators & pest control technicians to employ an effective treatment option for a current infestation and preventative services. Book a NJ Pest Control Appointment.

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Common Pests Threatening Homes & Businesses in New Jersey

New Jersey homes and businesses can be threatened by a long list of pests. Rodents, cockroaches and ants can contaminate your food. A bed bug infestation can disrupt your life or even shut down your business. Termites, stink bugs, carpenter bees and the spotted lanternfly can cause expensive damage to your home, building, yard and vegetation. Ticks, wasps, mosquitoes and hornets can threaten your family or steer customers away from entering your establishment. The team of pest control experts at 877-BUG-FREE is equipped to deal with any type of pest infestation you may be dealing with. From rodents to termites, bed bugs, stinging insects or wildlife animals, trust our experts for extermination and long-term pest prevention.

Protect your NJ Home from Pests & Termites

Protecting your home against pests and rodents requires more than a single visit once an infestation has been discovered. Preventing pests is key to safeguarding your residential property against dangerous pests. We offer residential pest control home plans that vary in rates and services. Exclusion plans are available for freestanding and connected homes. All our plans provide year-round protection for over 100 insects, as well as termite inspections and warranties, exterior power spray and discounts on emergency pest control calls.

Our plans offer protection and prevention against an infestation, as well as save you money on emergency calls and prolonged treatment.

Protect your NJ Businesses from Pests & Rodents

New Jersey businesses, especially those in the food industry, are under constant threat of an infestation from rodents, cockroaches, ants and more. From the beginning, you must hire a pest control company to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan. IPM gets to the root of the problem and stops pests at the source (exposed food supply, foundation cracks, leaking faucets, etc.). Business owners, commercial property managers and warehouse facilities trust 877-BUG-FREE to develop and implement an IPM plan to effectively eliminate a current infestation and prevent a re-infestation.

Book a NJ Pest Prevention & Extermination Appointment Online

As part of our overall commitment to excellence, 877-BUG-FREE delivers custom pest treatment plans using highly effective, yet safe, methods and products for extermination, control and prevention. Visit our Online Scheduling Service application to easily book an appointment online. For questions, call our New Jersey office at 877-284-3733. We service the following NJ counties: Burlington County and Mercer County.