Residential & Commercial Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are known to take up residence in existing shelters including hollow trees, ground burrows and muskrat houses. However, with habitat loss eliminating much of these natural shelters, raccoons are resorting to attics, crawlspaces and chimneys to raise & protect their young. Clever, excellent climbers and very territorial, raccoon removal is not only a difficult task, but it can also be very dangerous. If you suspect a raccoon family has made a home in your property, call the professionals at 877-BUG-FREE. We have 20+ years in trapping, removing & relocating raccoons and other such nuisance wildlife animals. We serve the Philadelphia tri-state areas, as well as NJ, MD and DE. Schedule a Raccoon Removal & Relocation Appointment Online.

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Humane Raccoon Trapping, Removal & Relocation

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience humanely trapping and removing raccoons from residential and commercial properties. First, we will inspect the interior & exterior to determine the number of raccoons invading your property. Next, we’ll build a custom solution to trap and remove the unwanted wildlife pests. Our technicians will come back every 1 – 2 days to check the traps. Live trapping is highly effective and the most humane method to catch raccoons. Once caught, we will relocate the animal to a safe and more conducive environment. When baby raccoons are involved, they are usually placed with a local wildlife rehabilitation center to ensure they are healthy enough to be released into their natural habitat.

Preventative Exclusion for Raccoons & Wildlife

Once we have confirmed all raccoons have been removed from the property the final step in the removal process is to determine the most effective exclusion and habitat modification solutions. Sealing all entry points, locking trash cans, keeping your grass & brush trimmed, fencing your garden and removing food at the easiest ways to keep raccoons away from your home. Frightening devices only work temporarily against these intelligent animals and there are no chemical repellants to deter them from your space. Backyard modification is the most effective way to ensure your home is not attractive to raccoons.

If you suspect raccoons are living in your attic, garage or chimney, book a removal & relocation appointment right away. These wildlife pests are known to carry rabies and can be dangerous to your family and pets. Schedule an appointment online today using our secure 24HR schedule service application.