Power Spray Pest Treatment

Power Spray Pest Control & Treatment

The exterior perimeter power spray pest treatment provides a barrier against insects to lessen the chance of them entering your home. This is a very common preventative pest control method to block a wide variety of bugs including ants, crickets, pill bugs, centipedes, fleas and much more. We can also spray under eves and soffits to treat for bees, wasps and yellow jackets. Power spraying does not replace interior treatments but lessons the need and adds to the overall effectiveness of pest control. 877-BUG-FREE offers exterior power spray treatments for residential (freestanding) and commercial properties throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. To ensure the effectiveness and decrease the chance for pest infestation, we recommend this service at least two times per year, but seasonally provides the best protection.

877-BUG-FREE Exterior Perimeter Power Spray Pest Treatment NJ

Eco-Friendly Power Spray Treatment for Pest Control

While our ultimate goal is to rid your home & business property of pests, we do not do so at the expense of the environment or the health of your family, pets or employees. 877-BUG-FREE uses powerful, yet eco-friendly products to remove and prevent pests without damaging grass, plants or the environment. The material used for exterior perimeter pest power spray treatment is non-toxic to plants, pets or people and generally dries completely within 3 to 4 hours after application. Trust the expert pest control technicians at 877-BUG-FREE with over 20 years of experience to provide safe, yet highly effective prevention & extermination services.

Year-Round Spray Treatment & Pest Prevention

Perimeter pest power spray treatment covers a large area of your home or building. To provide the best in pest protection we spray 8-10 feet up and 6 feet away from the foundation. This provides a barrier to prevent ground insects and flying insects from entering through cracks in your foundation or gaps in your soffit when they’re most active. However, it is important to remember that the most proactive homeowners know pest control is a year-round task. Power spray treatment is just as important in the fall and early winter when pests are looking for a warm spot to stay over winter until spring. If your home or building’s perimeter isn’t protected, bugs can nest and breed undisturbed resulting in a huge infestation come spring!

Visit our Online Scheduling tab to book a power spray pest treatment or any other one-time pest control service on a day & time that is convenient for you. Homeowners can sign up for one of our Exclusive Home Plans where the power spray service is included in your monthly subscription.