Powderpost Beetle Control in Philadelphia & Tri-State Areas

When homeowners think of wood destroying insects the first pest that comes to mind is the termite. While highly destructive, termites are not the only insects that feed off the wood in your home and cause thousands of dollars in structural damage. The powderpost beetle is a close second in terms of destruction, tunneling and feeding on woods commonly used to build homes like oak, ash, hickory and pine. They are not easy to identify and many times you don’t know if you have an infestation until there is already significant damage. The technicians at 877-BUG-FREE are experts at identifying a powderpost beetle infestation in your home and creating an effective extermination treatment plan. Book a Powderpost Beetle Control Appointment Online.

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Residential & Commercial Powderpost Beetle Control

The lifecycle of the powderpost beetle begins and ends in your home. First, they lay their eggs in the pores of wood, the larvae hatch & begin feeding on the wood creating tunnels as they go. When the larvae mature, they tunnel their way out. Powderpost beetles can eat at your home’s wood structure for up to five years! Besides seeing the beetles yourself, the only way to identify an infestation is by the frass they leave behind at the exit holes. Frass is a mixture of larvae excrement and wood particles, which is extremely fine like flour or baby powder. A professionally trained pest control professional will be able to properly identify the areas of infestation.

Powderpost Beetles: Treatment & Infestation Prevention

Treatment options will depend on the areas of concern and the degree of the infestation. Insecticides and sprays are commonly used to extract adult beetles and exterminate eggs and larvae. Severe infestations may require tenting and fumigation. Wood treatments are effective at preventing powderpost beetles in the future. Once the treatment has been applied, infested wood should be removed & replaced to reinforce the structural integrity of your home. 877-BUG-FREE has experience in varying degrees of powderpost beetle infestation and control options. We will tailor a prevention & control plan to your home and budget.

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