Pigeon Control Services in Philadelphia & Tri-State Area

Pigeons are the number one bird pest in Philadelphia and other urban areas. They are not afraid of humans and will live and roam in very close proximity, which is a huge nuisance for business owners. Pigeons like to remain close to food sources like dumpsters behind residential buildings, bars and restaurants and will set up nests on balconies, ledges, flat roofs and gutters. Whether you’re dealing with a current pigeon infestation, or you want to set up an exclusion inspection, 877-BUG-FREE is available for a variety of pigeon control, trapping and removal services in the greater Philadelphia area, NJ, MD and DE. Schedule a Pigeon Control & Management Appointment Online.

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Focus of Pigeons

Trapping, Removal & Pigeon Control

Pigeon control is an important investment for business owners due to the health & safety hazards these pest birds pose to your employees and customers. Further, large flocks of pigeons and other bird species can deter customers from entering your business. Our expert bird & wildlife pest technicians use safe and humane methods to remove & control the pigeon population in and around your residential or commercial property. The easiest way to lessen the bird population is to remove their food source, secure garbage lid bins and don’t leave trash or trash bags lying outside. However, if there is already a pigeon infestation, only professional methods and physically removing the birds will work as a long-term solution.

Exclusion Services for Pigeons & Pest Birds

The first step to effective pigeon control and exclusion is a thorough inspection of your property and all areas where pigeon activity occurs. Not only will this allow us to identify reasons why birds are attracted to your property, but also the most efficient methods for exclusion. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest and most effective bird control technologies, methods and solutions. Our pigeon control solutions are safe & humane for the birds and environment, yet successful in lessening their presence on your property. At 877-BUG-FREE we install bird netting, spikes and/or an overhead grid system depending on the area and degree of infestation.

Use our Online Scheduling Service to book an appointment for a pigeon control inspection. We offer convenient appointment times that work around your busy schedule and won’t disrupt your business. We work quickly & discreetly to rid you of any and all pest problems!

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