Residential & Commercial Phorid Fly Control Philadelphia & NJ Tri-State Area

Phorid flies are a concern for both homeowners and business owners in the greater Philadelphia area, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. Not only do they breed at a rapid rate (up to 40 eggs in 12 hours!), but they are also known to spread diseases and transfer bacteria. Like the drain fly, you’ll find phorid flies around moisture, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, drains, leaky sinks and potted plants. They are also attracted to decomposing food & organic materials and can be found around trash cans and litter boxes. 877-BUG-FREE provides phorid fly control and treatment services for residential & commercial properties. Book a Phorid Fly Infestation Control Appointment Online.

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Phorid Fly Infestation Control & Treatment Services

Oftentimes the presence of phorid flies means the property is highly unsanitary (abandoned or decaying buildings) or there is a large backup of organic material. The situation must be thoroughly assessed to find the source of the infestation: clogged drain, broken pipe, cracked sewer line, etc. Without the proper identification and treatment of the source, phorid flies will continue to breed and reproduce. After the decaying material has been removed, chemical treatments are needed to eradicate any lingering phorid flies. Finally, indoor sanitary measures and the use of a biological drain cleaner every two weeks are recommended to ensure all eggs & larvae are treated.

Humpback Fly Prevention Solutions

Maintaining a regular, consistent cleaning schedule should be enough to keep phorid flies out of your home or commercial building. Consistent use of a strong, commercial-grade drain cleaner is recommended to keep your drains free of decaying organic materials. Finally, eliminating all moisture in and around your property will keep phorid flies and other unsanitary pests away. Remove standing water, fix leaky faucets, faulty plumbing and ensure your kitchen & bathroom drains are clean.

The pest control technicians at 877-BUG-FREE are experts at identifying the source of your pest infestation and designing a custom treatment plan based on your current situation. Since phorid flies pose several health risks it is important to seek treatment right away. Use our Online Scheduling Application to book an appointment 24/7. Answer a few simple questions regarding your pest issue, select from the available days/times and hit “Submit.”