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877-BUG-FREE has provided residential and commercial properties in Wilmington, DE with expert pest control services under the Expel Exterminating Experts name for over two decades. In recent years, our pest control company has consolidated both brands into a single point of contact for all calls, text and web for the convenience of our clients. Throughout our 20 years in the pest control industry, tens of thousands of clients have trusted us to provide honest pricing, expert pest control solutions and modern approaches to pest prevention. All our technicians are certified in Delaware for multiple pest control categories. Book your Wilmington, DE Pest Control Appointment Online today.

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15 Walnut Ridge Rd
Wilmington, DE 19807

Pest Control Services: Residential & Commercial Properties in Wilmington, DE

Residential Pest Control: Keep your home rodent and pest free all year round with our range of residential pest control, treatment and exclusion options. Exclusive Monthly Plans for freestanding & connected homes provide protection against over 100 common insects!

Commercial Pest Control: 877-BUG-FREE recommends business owners take preventative steps against pests and rodents to avoid a lengthy and costly treatment plan. Commercial services include inspection, extermination and exclusion to fit any budget.

Power Spray: Exterior power spray pest treatment provides a highly effective barrier to lessen the chance of insects invading your home. We’ll spray the foundation, as well as eves and soffits to treat against bees, centipedes, fleas and much more. Seasonal power spray is recommended to ensure effectiveness.

Wildlife Pest Removal: if a wildlife pest gains entry into your home or commercial property they can cause structural damage, fire hazards and spread dangerous diseases. Our pest control technicians practice safe, humane & highly effective bait, trap and relocation. Sealing all points of entry & annual inspections are recommended as part of ongoing treatment.

Exclusion Pest Control: 877-BUG-FREE focuses on deterrence and sealing cracks and entry points rather than dousing your home or business with strong chemicals. We use the highest quality sealing products, only available to pest control companies, to provide expert exclusion services.

Pest Library: Refer to our pest library to identify common rodents, wildlife and bugs and find out what the problem in your home or business might be.

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