Expert Pest Control Company in Levittown, PA

877-BUG-FREE is proud to offer our expert pest control treatment and prevention services to residential & commercial properties in Levittown, PA and the surrounding communities in Bucks County. For over 20 years, our clients have relied on us to provide superior customer service and custom pest solutions using the latest in industry technology & methods. Our Levittown exterminators & technicians are available for emergency appointments, preventative maintenance, pest inspections or exclusive monthly services. From rodents to termites, mosquitos, carpenter bees and more, you can rely on 877-BUG-FREE for all your pest control & extermination needs. Book an Appointment Online today.

Levittown, PA Office Location

49 Parkside Circle
Levittown, PA 19056

Our office is located on Parkside Circle next to Mill Creek. Next to the Dollar General and Dollar Tree located on New Falls Drive, you'll find Pentunia Road. Go down Pentunia Road towards Mill Creek and take a right onto Plumbridge Drive. Take the first right onto Parkside Circle and you're there!

Residential Pest Control Services in Levittown, PA

877-BUG-FREE offers pest control treatments targeted for your specific pest or rodent problem including wildlife, bed bugs, termites, house flies & more. Our technicians are dedicated to ensuring your home is pest-free! Ask about our Exclusive Residential Pest Control Service Plans.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Levittown, PA

Pest control & prevention is important for all commercial industries including food & beverage, healthcare, office buildings, hospitality, property management and more! We offer customizable pest control solutions to fit your business needs & budget. Learn more about our commercial pest control services today.

Power Spray Treatment in Levittown, PA

Exterior power spray is an effective preventative treatment which provides a barrier between and lessens the ability for bugs to enter your home or building. We spray the foundation, eves & soffits to block a range of insects including ants, wasps, crickets, pill bugs and more.

Wildlife Pest Removal in Levittown, PA

Our technicians effectively bait and humanely relocate wildlife animals including raccoons, birds, snakes and more. To prevent damage to your property, 877-BUG-FREE also provides wildlife exclusion services. Learn more about our wildlife pest removal today.

Exclusion Pest Control in Levittown, PA

Get ahead of a pest infestation with exclusion pest control services. This is the first line of defense to protect your home or business against harmful, disease-carrying insects and rodents.

Pest Library in Levittown, PA

No matter what kind of pest problem you’re facing, 877-BUG-FREE offers targeted, highly effective treatment plans. Refer to our Pest Library to see the extensive number of bugs & rodents we can remove, treat and prevent against.

Book a Levittown Exterminator Appointment Online

Skip the hassle of waiting on hold for hours to make a pest control appointment. Our Online Schedule Service application makes it easy to select an available day/time that works around your busy schedule. Simply fill out a short form, select from open appointments and hit Submit.