Residential & Commercial Pest Control in Philadelphia

For over 20 years, 877-BUG-FREE Exterminator has provided expert pest control services to residential and commercial properties throughout Philadelphia, PA. Our industry experience, knowledgeable exterminator technicians and modern approach to pest & prevention allow us to treat even the most extensive pest infestation. Whether you live or work in a Center City high-rise or one of the many residential suburbs, our Philadelphia pest control company provides innovative and highly effective solutions. As a commitment to excellence, 877-BUG-FREE delivers custom pest treatment plans, using highly effective, yet safe, products that far exceed industry standards. Book your Philadelphia Pest Control Appointment Online.

Residential Pest Control in Philadelphia, PA

Ensuring your home is safe against unwanted, harmful, disease-carrying bugs & rodents is our top priority. At the first sign of a pest problem, schedule an appointment with 877-BUG-FREE for a thorough inspection. 20+ years of extermination experience means we’re experts at identifying your pest problem & providing a targeted treatment plan. Ask about our Exclusive Residential Pest Control home plans.

Commercial Pest treatment in Philadelphia, PA

Business owners in and around Philadelphia should prioritize pest treatment & prevention treatments. The slightest sign of bugs or rodents can ruin your reputation and sales! Call 877-BUG-FREE Exterminator to talk about quarterly treatments & preventative solutions that work within your budget.

Power Spray Pest Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

Exterior perimeter power spray pest treatment provides a protective barrier around your home. The goal is to lessen the chance of ants, crickets, pill bugs, fleas and more from entering through cracks in the foundation, eves and soffits.

Wildlife Pest Removal in Philadelphia, PA

Our technicians are highly experienced in safe and humane methods for removing wildlife pests from your property. Baiting, trapping and relocation are highly effective for removing raccoons, squirrels, skunks and similar pests.

Exclusion Pest Control in Philadelphia, PA

Exclusion pest control is one of the most popular methods of pest prevention for residential & commercial properties. Our technicians focus on deterrence, as well as sealing all obvious points of entry to keep pests out of your home or business.

Pest Library in Philadelphia, PA

We offer an extensive pest library to rid your property of even the worst pest infestation. From rodents to stinging insects, invasive pests, termites, cockroaches and more, our exterminators provide highly effective pest solutions.

Book a Philadelphia Exterminator Appointment Online

Visit our Online Scheduling service application to book an appointment online. Simply fill out a brief form, select an available day/time that works for you and hit Submit. You’ll receive an email to confirm your appointment time. We serve the following areas in Philadelphia: Manayunk, Italian Market, Rittenhouse Square, Old City and Fishtown.