Pest Control Exterminators Paramus, New Jersey

Paramus is a suburb of New York City, located within Bergen County, NJ and is home to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pests including termites, spiders, bees, rodents and more. While it is easy to brush these pests off as a nuisance, especially if you do not see an active infestation within your property, the reality is these pests can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. Wood destroying insects (termites, carpenter bees) can destroy the structure of your building, while ticks & mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases. Protect the safety of your home or business property by hiring 877-BUG-FREE pest control experts serving Paramus, NJ. Backed by 20+ years of experience, our technicians quickly identify your pest issue and employ best industry practices for treatment and future prevention.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control in Paramus, NJ

Located within one of the most densely populated counties in the state, Paramus, NJ, has an abundance of residences and businesses to attract pests looking for food, water & shelter. Further, the town’s close proximity to New York City affects the pests common to this area. Those who work in or frequent NYC can unknowingly bring home an infestation when certain inspects, like bed bugs, latch onto your clothes, briefcase or lunchbox. Residents, business owners and property managers in Paramus, NJ must safeguard against pests, rodents and wildlife animals. Insects and rodents cause property damage and carry dangerous diseases. To protect your space, hire our expert exterminators & pest control technicians to employ an effective treatment option for a current infestation and preventative services.

Pest Prevention Tips for Homeowners & Businesses

Excess moisture is a common reason for pests to be attracted to your building. Business operators and homeowners should immediately repair leaks and wipe up excess liquids. Regularly check dark, damp areas like under stairs, sinks and the corners of basements to clean up water. Further, drain and maintain flowerpots, birdbaths and other sources of standing water to ward off mosquitos.

Leftover food is another common reason for rodents & insects to enter your home. Clean up crumbs and spills right away to avoid potential food sources. Keep pantry items in air-tight containers and regularly wipe down cabinets to remove crumbs.

One of the most important pest prevention tips is to close all cracks or holes outside of your home or building, tightly seal windows & doors and make sure screens are free of holes or tears. Insects and rodents can squeeze through the tightest spots with ease. Prevent entry by regularly inspecting these areas, as well as utility pipes and wire connections to the building.

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