Pest Control & Exterminators in NY

877-BUG-FREE has been setting the standard in residential, commercial and industrial facility pest control & extermination for 20+ years. Well-known in New Jersey, Bucks County & Philadelphia, we’ve recently expanded our operations to serve new clients in Northern NJ and the NY metropolitan area. Our exterminators employ the latest technology to provide each client with the most accurate reporting regarding treatment options, progress and continued prevention. The licensed exterminators and pest control experts on our team are licensed in NY, PA, NJ and DE. 877-BUG-FREE provides expert pest control, extermination & exclusion services for NY homes, businesses, high rises, warehouses and more. Hire our pest control company to employ effective treatment options for a current infestation or preventative services. Book a NY Pest Control Appointment Online.

Commercial Pest Management for Facilities in the NY Metro Area

A pest problem within your NY residential apartment building or commercial property is a huge liability. Not only does it negatively impact your company’s brand, but pests will become a threat to residents, customers & employees. When it comes to pest control and pest management in NY, 877-BUG-FREE is experienced and well-equipped to meet your every need. We take a modern IPM approach toward extermination and pest management to keep unwanted bugs, rodents, wildlife animals and birds away from your NY premises.

Within the large buildings common in the NY metropolitan area, it is often difficult to discover & eliminate insects or rodents, because they find clever hiding spots inside shelving, tall ceilings, product boxes and other hard-to-reach places. Backed by 20+ years of experience, our technicians know the exact places to search, quickly identifying your pest issues and devising a plan for fast elimination.

Common Pests Threatening Homes & Businesses in NY

Multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial properties in NY are threatened by a long list of pests. Rodents, cockroaches and ants contaminate food sources. Bed bugs, fleas and mites disrupt your life & can even shut down your business. Flies, birds and wildlife animals can steer customers away from entering your building. Other common pests in NY include bees, carpet beetles, mosquitos, moths, spiders, ticks and termites. 877-BUG-FREE is well-equipped to deal with any type of pest infestation, providing extermination and long-term pest prevention.

As part of our overall commitment to excellence, 877-BUG-FREE provides custom treatment plans for highly effective bug & rodent extermination, control and prevention. Visit our Online Scheduling Service to book an appointment online for your New York home or business. For questions, call our office at 877-284-3733.