Pest Control & Exterminator Bensalem, PA

877-BUG-FREE is an expert residential and commercial pest control company serving Bensalem, PA and all of Bucks County, PA. Throughout our 20+ years in the pest control and extermination industry, tens of thousands of clients have relied on us to remove a current pest infestation and prevent a new one from forming. We have built a solid, 5-star reputation based on our honest pricing, on-time service, expert pest control solutions and modern approaches to exclusion. We can handle any type of pest infestation from rodents to wildlife, termites, bed bugs, spotted lanternflies, stink bugs and much more. All of our technicians are trained, certified and licensed to work in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Book your Bensalem, PA Pest Control Appointment Online.

Residential Pest Control in Bensalem, PA

Your home is your sanctuary; the last thing you want is pests or rodents ruining your peace of mind! We can help keep your home pest free all year long with our range of treatment and exclusion options. Learn more about our residential pest control services today.

Commercial Pest Control in Bensalem, PA

Business owners must take preventative measures to keep bugs and rodents out of the property and maintain their reputations. Avoid lengthy and costly treatment plans by scheduling quarterly pest inspections and exclusion services with our commercial pest control offering.

Exclusion Services in Bensalem, PA

We provide various pest exclusion options for residential and commercial properties. We focus on deterrence, sealing cracks and blocking off points of entry using high grade products only available to pest control companies.

Power Spray Treatment in Bensalem, PA

Lessen the chances of bugs entering your property with a seasonal exterior power spray treatment. We spray the foundation, eves and soffits to ward off wasps, centipedes, crickets, fleas, ants, spiders and much more. Seasonal sprays are recommended for the highest level of protection.

Pest Library in Bensalem, PA

Our extensive pest library will give you a good idea of the types of pests we can exterminate and treat against. While some of these are common, we have also listed some new invasive species (spotted lanternfly) and some you may not have heard of (the assassin bug).

Book a Bensalem, PA Exterminator Appointment

We’ve sustained our successful pest control business for 20 years, because of our commitment to excellence. 877-BUG-FREE provides highly effective methods and products for pest extermination, pest control and prevention. Visit our Online Schedule Service Application to book your appointment in Bensalem, PA today. For questions or emergency services, call 877-284-3733.