Pest, Insect & Rodent Control Hamilton, NJ

For over two decades, 877-BUG-FREE has provided residential, commercial and industrial properties in Hamilton, NJ with expert pest control services under the brand Expel Exterminating Experts. In recent years, our pest control company has consolidated both names into a single point of contact for all calls, text and web for the ease and convenience of our customers. Throughout our 20 years in the pest control & extermination industry, tens of thousands of clients have trusted us to provide competitive pricing, expert pest control solutions and modern approaches to pest prevention. All our technicians are licensed and certified in New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware for multiple pest control categories. Book your Hamilton, NJ Pest Control Appointment.

Commercial & Industrial Pest Control Services

Industrial & Warehouse Pest Control: Industrial property and warehouse owners must take precautionary measures to prevent pests and rats. Not only does this help you avoid a lengthy and costly treatment plan but ensures the safety of valuable items & your business reputation.

Rodent Elimination & Prevention: Our rodent control works in three parts: Inspection, Exclusion and Annual Inspection. First, we’ll identify the source and/or points of entry. Next, the rodents will be baited, humanely trapped and removed. Then, we’ll close and seal cracks and holes in the foundation for prevention. Finally, annual inspections are recommended to keep the rodents at bay.

Exterior Power Spray: Power spray pest treatment provides a barrier to lessen the chance of insects getting inside your property. We spray the foundation, eves and soffits to treat against ants, crickets, fleas, stink bugs, clover mites, assassin beetles, spiders and much more.

Exclusion Pest Control: As part of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technique, we prefer to focus on deterrence and prevention rather than using harsh chemicals. We use high quality sealing products, only available to pest control companies, to provide pest exclusion.

Pest Library: Refer to our Pest Library to see a large list of the many rodents, wildlife animals and bugs we treat and control. If you do not see your particular pest issue, give us a call, we can help!

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877-BUG-FREE provides pest control services in Hamilton, NJ, as well as other townships in Mercer County, NJ including Princeton, NJ and much more. Use the “Schedule Service” button to book an appointment online. Fill out the brief form, select from available dates/times and hit Submit. You’ll receive an email confirmation for your appointment.