Bug, Rodent & Pest Control in Bucks County, PA

877-BUG-FREE provides highly effective and affordable pest control, extermination and exclusion (prevention) services for residential and commercial properties throughout Bucks County, PA and the greater Philadelphia area. Our pest control technicians provide pest, wildlife animal, bed bug treatment and rodent control throughout Bucks County, PA. We’re backed by 20+ years of professional industry experience and stay up to date on the latest pest control methods and treatment options. We offer emergency appointments, year-round protection and residential monthly plans that meet any budget. The skilled and experienced exterminators on our team will kill an active infestation and provide solutions to prevent new ones from occurring. Schedule a Pest Control Appointment Online.

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Bed Bug Pest Control in Bucks County, PA

We use two methods of extermination for bed bugs: steam vapor and chemical treatment. Both methods provide effective treatment for an existing infestation, seeping into all the tiny cracks & crevices they love to hide. Chemical treatments leave a barrier for future protection. Learn more about our bed bug pest control services today.

Bed Bug Pest Control in Bucks County, PA

There is no quick fix for cockroach extermination. You will need multiple treatments using several techniques including baits, traps, gel bait, sprays and elimination. Exterior power spray and regular inspections protect your home all year long against cockroaches and other pests. Learn more about our cockroach pest control services today.

Rodent Control in Bucks County, PA

Rodents, mainly mice and rats, are known to breed rapidly and travel in packs in search of a reliable food source. These rodents pose a serious health threat to both humans and pets. Chemical products, baits, trapping and exclusion are common for effective extermination. Learn more about our rodent control services today.

Termite Treatment in Bucks County, PA

We use eco-friendly, highly effective termite extermination methods including liquid termite treatment, dry foam treatment, bait & monitoring. The level of infestation will determine the treatment method we use. Each one is effective at treating the current infestation and providing continuous prevention treatment.

Wildlife Animal Control in Bucks County, PA

Our pest control specialists have experience safely dealing with a variety of wildlife animals including raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, skunks and more. Once inside your building or home they create hazardous living/working conditions. Call us right away for removal & relocation of wildlife animals and prevention.

Exclusion Services in Bucks County, PA

Exclusion is the first line of defense against wildlife animals, rodents and insects. First, an inspection of the inside and outside of the property is necessary to check for cracks in the foundation or improperly sealed doors, vents, soffits, drainpipes and more. Once these areas are properly sealed, an exterior power spray will provide a barrier against insects.

Schedule an Extermination Appointment Online

Schedule an appointment online, sign up for a monthly home plan or visit our pest control FAQ page for more information regarding our company and common pest issues. Our scheduling application is open 24/7 for your convenience; we make it easy to book pest control appointments around your busy schedule. We serve all of Bucks County, PA including Bensalem, Langhorne, Levittown, Fairless Hills, Yardley, Newtown and Morrisville, PA.