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877-BUG-FREE is a leading expert in residential, commercial, industrial and warehouse pest control services in Princeton, Mercer County, NJ. Throughout our two decades in the pest control and extermination industry, thousands of clients have trusted our technicians to treat current infestations and prevent new pests from entering your commercial or industrial property. Our upfront & competitive pricing, timeliness, expert extermination treatments and modern approaches to exclusion allowed us to build a 5-star reputation across the board. Our extermination technicians can handle any degree of pest infestations involving rodents, wildlife animals, termites, flies, spotted lanternflies, ticks and more. Every technician on our team is trained, certified and licensed to work in Princeton, the state of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, DE. Book a Princeton NJ Pest Control Appointment Online.

Rodent & Pest Control Exterminators in Princeton

Termite Treatment: According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause more than $5 billion in damages every year. The longer an infestation goes untreated, the more damage they cause to wooden structures. Yearly inspections help mitigate future termite issues.

Bed Bug Treatment: We use two highly effective methods for bed bug extermination: Steam Vapor and Chemical Treatment

Steam Vapor: Bed bugs cannot survive high pressure or high temperatures. Steam vapor, also known as heat treatment, kills bed bugs on contact, as well as their eggs to prevent a re-infestation. With temperatures reaching 220 degrees, the steam seeps into cracks, crevices and deep into surface fabrics.

Chemical Treatment: Powerful, yet safe & non-toxic, chemicals are applied to baseboards, floorboards and walls to kill bed bugs in all stages. Chemical treatment is an effective extermination method and leaves a barrier for protection.

Cockroach Control: All homes, restaurants and commercial properties are susceptible to a cockroach infestation. They feed on everything, reproduce rapidly and enter your property through drains and sewer pipes. Bait, growth regulators and insecticide sprays eliminate cockroach infestations and disrupt the reproduction process.

Rodent Control: Rats and mice are highly intelligent animals that are constantly on the hunt for food, water and shelter. Exclusion services must be put into place to ensure they do not enter your property. Our technicians will develop a plan to find the source of the rodent issue and implement effective strategies for removal and prevention.

Pest Exclusion Services: This is your first line of defense against all types of pests, insects, rodents and wildlife animals. As a part of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technique, exclusion is a simple, effective and eco-friendly way to prevent pests and rodents from entering your property all year.

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At 877-BUG-FREE, our technicians, managers and customer representatives are committed to excellence in all areas of our pest control business. We provide highly effective methods and treatment products for extermination, pest control and prevention. Visit our Online Schedule Service Application to book your appointment in Princeton, NJ and the surrounding townships in Mercer County, NJ. For questions or emergency services, call 877-284-3733.