Commercial & Industrial Property Pest Control Bergen County NJ

877-BUG-FREE offers pest control and extermination services for residential, commercial and warehouse properties in Bergen County, NJ & the surrounding areas of Northern NJ. Our highly trained & experienced technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of pest control, extermination and prevention. We take a modern, innovative approach to pest and rodent control; we can treat even the most severe infestation. Whether you manage a high rise building, industrial plant or office space, our Bergen County, NJ pest control company provides highly effective solutions. 877-BUG-FREE is backed by 20+ years of proven results. We deliver highly customized pest control management plans based on our clients’ needs. Book a Bergen County NJ Pest Control Appointment.

Common Pests in Bergen County, NJ Homes & Businesses

Ants are a cause of concern for home owners & business owners. The risks associated include food contamination, bites & stings, allergic reaction and structural harm, depending on the ant species.

Termites cause structural issues when they eat wooden framework, drywall and similar materials. A termite colony can go undetected for some time; annual inspections are recommended.

Mosquitoes thrive in the warm humid months. While their bites are annoying, they can also transmit diseases like malaria and West Nile virus. Seasonal mosquito yard spray is recommended.

Cockroach infestations pose a number of threats for residents and business owners including food contamination and triggers for those with allergies and asthma.

Bed Bugs enter homes and buildings by clinging onto clothes and furniture during travel. Hotels, retail stores, office buildings and residential properties are especially vulnerable.

Rodent infestations happen when they can easily access food and water sources. Always clean up crumbs and spills; regularly inspect the exterior of your building to check for holes and cracks.

Wildlife animals pose a great threat to homeowners & businesses. Once a nuisance animal has entered your property, they begin to nest, chew wiring, eat drywall and destroy your property. We deploy humane methods of trapping and release for your safety & the safety of the animal.

Extermination, Exclusion & Pest Prevention Services Bergen County NJ

As part of our overall commitment to excellence, 877-BUG-FREE provides custom treatment plans for highly effective pest extermination, control and prevention. For questions, call our office at 877-284-3733. We service the following Bergen County, NJ locations: Paramus NJ, Fair Lawn NJ, Hackensack NJ and more.

Visit our Online Scheduling Service to book an appointment online for your Bergen County, New Jersey home or business. For questions or to schedule an on-site pest management consultation, call our office at 877-284-3733.