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877-BUG-FREE provides our residential and commercial clients in PA with the highest quality pest control and extermination services. We provide all phases of extermination and pest control services to maintain your home, yard or business property all year round. Whether you need bed bug extermination, termite treatment, rodent control, wildlife pest removal or power spray services, our certified technicians have you covered! 877-BUG-FREE has over 20 years of experience in pest control and extermination for PA homes, apartment complexes, businesses, commercial properties and warehouses. Hire our pest control experts to employ effective treatment options for a current infestation or preventative pest services. Book a PA Pest Control Appointment.

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Commercial & Industrial Pest Control Services in PA

Commercial properties, restaurants and warehouses in PA are under constant threat from rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, wildlife and ants. Business owners must be proactive and hire a pest control company to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan from the beginning. Pest technicians trained in IPM get to the root of the problem and stop pests at the source (exposed food supply, foundation cracks, standing water, etc.). IPM, along with exclusion & prevention services, stops an infestation in its tracks. Retail stores, warehouses, restaurants and hotels in PA trust 877-BUG-FREE to effectively eliminate a current pest problem and prevent re-infestation.

Signs of Pest Infestation in PA Homes & Businesses

While some pest problems are obvious, others can go undetected for months at a time, causing dangerous structural damage and even health concerns. Pests and rodents find their way into your property through any opening or unsealed space. Our pest control extermination technicians look for the following signs during an inspection:

Pest Sightings: The most common way homeowners and businesses discover they have a pest problem is by seeing them in & around the property. Whether it is a mouse & droppings, cockroaches or a swarm of hornets around a nest, call a pest professional right away!

Signs of Pest Activity: Pests are excellent at hiding and staying out of sight. However, they are guaranteed to leave signs of their presence including rodent droppings, the smell of urine or piles of “sawdust” resulting from termites or carpenter ant activity.

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877-BUG-FREE has spent the last 20+ years proving ourselves as the premier choice for residential and commercial pest control in Pennsylvania. Contact us via phone 877-284-3733 or through our Online Scheduling Service to book an appointment. We service the following counties in PA: Bucks County, PA and Philadelphia, PA.