Mite Pest Control & Treatment Philadelphia & Tri State Area

There are thousands of different types of mite species, all of which are less than 1mm in length and very hard to detect until the infestation grows to the point where you need professional help. The four most common mites we encounter and exterminate are bird mites, chigger mites, clover mites, spider mites and dust mites. Chigger & rodent or bird mites attach themselves to a host and sneak into homes, like bed bugs. Dust mites are always found inside the home and clover mites enter through cracks & crevices. They are very hard to detect without magnification; signs of a mite infestation include scabies & rashes, allergic reaction from dust mites and discoloration of leaves. Schedule a Mite Pest Control Service Online.


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Effective Mite Pest Control & Removal

Since mites are so small it takes a true professional with a trained eye to identify the areas of a mite infestation as well as the species. Depending on our finds, the pest control technician will recommend a custom treatment plan to effectively eliminate a current mite infestation inside or outside of your property. Our main priority is to control mites from the source. Chemical treatment is used only where the mites are abundant and applied in a way that minimizes risks to human health, pets and the environment. After all areas have been treated, we’ll schedule a follow up appointment to recheck the areas of concern and discuss prevention options.


Mite Treatment and Prevention

Areas of high moisture tend to attract mites to homes & businesses, so it is best to keep your property well-ventilated and remove all standing water. Regular dusting and vacuuming can help to eliminate and manage dust mite nests. Consulting and hiring a pest control professional for preventative measures is the best way to stop an infestation of mites and other bugs before it starts. 877-BUG-FREE offers a monthly exclusive residential pest control plan for homeowners, which includes exterior power spray, inspections, year-round protection of 100 common insects, emergency calls, termite inspection and more! Exterior power spray service is available for a separate fee and can help eliminate and prevent mites from entering your home.

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