Mice Exterminator & Rodent Control Services

While mice and rats are both nuisance rodents, their main difference is their size. Rats are larger & heavier; mice are slender with a large tail. Due to their small size, mice can sneak into your residential or commercial property through the tiniest cracks and crevices, making them difficult to detect and prevent without a professional pest control company. The most common mice in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware are house mice, field mice and white-footed mice. A mice exterminator is necessary to identify the type of mouse, the degree of the infestation and a prevention plan for your home or business. Schedule a mice control inspection online.

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Residential & Commercial Mice Exterminator & Removal

The easiest ways to identify the presence of mice in your home or commercial property is droppings, foul odors and scratching noises in the walls and ceiling. Commonly, a mouse infestation will occur in attics, garages, basements, warehouses, crawl space and outdoor barns. 877-BUG-FREE offers a comprehensive approach to mice extermination, removal, control and future prevention. Since every infestation is different, a thorough assessment is the first step to assessing the degree and customizing a mice extermination treatment plan. When you hire the mice exterminator specialists from 877-BUG-FREE, you can expect the following treatment process:

  • Investigate
  • Protect
  • Secure
  • Inspect
  • Report
  • Annual Visits

Mice & Rat Prevention Solutions

Once we have removed the mice from your home or building you must take the necessary steps to prevent future rodent invasions. A thorough sanitization should be performed for areas where the mice were nesting and other potential areas of concern. As part of your ongoing mice control & prevention all cracks and potential entry points must be sealed & screened. Further, bait stations can be strategically positioned outside of your property. On your end, make sure garage, wood piles, unraked leaves, etc. are positioned at least 20 feet or more from entry points to discourage nesting.

If you find a single mouse in your home it could be an isolated incident without any concern. However, frequent mouse sightings, the presence of droppings and scratching noise means there is a larger problem on your hands and needs to be addressed by a professional mice exterminator.

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