House Fly Control in Philadelphia & Tri State Area

House flies are one of the most common pests our technicians come across. Whether you live in the city of Philadelphia or the suburbs of South Jersey, homeowners should take the necessary steps to get rid of & prevent house flies. These flying pests are not only a nuisance, but they are also known to carry & transmit dangerous diseases including salmonella, typhoid, cholera and more. Call our expert house fly control company if you start to notice signs of an infestation: maggots, large number of flies and small dark clusters in light fixtures/tiles/wall surfaces. 877-BUG-FREE offers house fly pest control in Philadelphia, NJ, DE and MD. Book a House Fly Extermination & Treatment Service Online.

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877-BUG-FREE Flying Insect Pest Control & Extermination NJ

Expert House Fly Control & Extermination Services

Each species of flies requires different methods for extermination and control. The very first step is for our technicians to identify the place(s) where the house flies have been laying their eggs. If the breeding sites are not properly removed, you will continue to deal with the house fly infestation. Second, we’ll locate places where the house flies were able to enter your house through torn screens, damaged weather stripping, etc. Finally, the adult flies must be eliminated through bait, traps or insecticide application, depending on the degree of infestation. These three steps combined are highly effective ways to eliminate an active house fly infestation.

Tips to Prevent House Flies

Once our technicians have completed the inspection & extermination process, we’ll provide tips to prevent house flies from returning in the future. All entry points identified in our inspection should be fixed & sealed to keep these flying pests from getting into your home. Other prevention tips include:

- Properly storing food in airtight containers in your cabinets or refrigerator. House flies are attracted to the smell of human food.
- Regularly clean up pet waste in your backyard.
- Keep garage & recycling bins securely closed. House flies are attracted to the odor of decaying food.
- Schedule a Power Spray Pest Control Treatment with 877-BUG-FREE.

Use our Online Scheduling Application to book a pest inspection with one of our expert technicians. No matter your pest problem, we have solutions to effectively eliminate & prevent house fly infestations and more! Ask about our Exclusive Monthly Home Plans which includes year-round protection from over 100 common pests!