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Hornets are beneficial to the environment as they eat other invasive insect species like flies, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders and other similar pests. Like wasps, hornets build nests on the exterior crevices of homes, buildings and trees to protect the colony & raise their young. Aggressive and territorial, hornets will use their stingers to spray venom and attack predators. While they usually only sting when feeling threatened, a hornet’s nest too close to your home or business can quickly become intimidating. Hornet nest removal should only be performed by a professional company to minimize the dangers to your family and the hornets. 877-BUG-FREE provides hornet nest removal & prevention services for homes & businesses throughout PA, NJ, DE and MD. Book a Hornet Nest Removal Service Online.

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Professional Hornet Nest Removal Company

The proper equipment and techniques are crucial to safe and proper hornet’s nest removal. 877-BUG-FREE has over 20 years of professional experience dealing with these types of aggressive, stinging pests. The Philadelphia Tri-State area is known for two types of hornets: baldfaced hornets and the European hornet. Depending on the size of the colony, hornets can build nests as small as a tennis ball or as large as a basketball; the bigger the nest, the more hornets, the greater the threat of being stung. Our technicians have a full knowledge and understanding of the best way to remove the nest from your property with minimal threat to your family, pets and surrounding neighbors.

Hornet Prevention Services

Hornets and other stinging insects are generally associated with the warmer months of late spring and summer. However, hornets overwinter inside the small crevices of home siding & tree bark in order to stay protected throughout the colder months. They use this time to begin preparing their nests, which can mean a full-blown infestation for homeowners come springtime. After the nest has been safely removed from the property our pest control technician will provide tips to prevent future hornet infestations. Commonly, we’ll recommend keeping trees & landscaping well-trimmed and regular inspections to spot the presence of hornets before they can begin building their nest. Ask about our Exclusive Home Pest Plans.

Don’t let the presence of hornets ruin your backyard warm weather plans! 877-BUG-FREE is available for safe, effective hornet nest removal and prevention services. Easily book an appointment through our Online Schedule Application.

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