Fungus Gnat Infestation in Philadelphia & Tri State Area

Fungus gnats closely resemble mosquitos, but they do not bite. They are common among homes and businesses that have indoor plants as the larvae live in damp soil and feed on roots, fungi and other organic materials. While they pose no threat to humans, their feeding habits can stunt and kill plants and commercial crops. Further, their presence in your home or commercial building is annoying and unsettling. These flying insects are so tiny that you probably won’t even notice them unless they swarm. When that happens, you have a fungus gnat infestation that must be addressed by a professional pest control company. Book a Fungus Gnat Infestation Appointment Today.

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Indoor Fungus Gnat Infestation Control

Fungus gnats strategically lay their eggs so the larvae remain within the soil and near the bottom of the plant. This makes a fungus gnat infestation difficult to identify until the houseplant is damaged and/or you’re seeing a great number of adult gnats inside your home or business. The pest control technicians at 877-BUG-FREE are experts at identifying all points of the infestation that may be not obvious to the untrained eye. We’ll employ specialized chemical treatment to kill existing larvae and eggs without any damage to your plants or crops. After the initial application of the treatment solutions, we’ll provide effective methods to prevent future fungus gnat infestations.

Fungus Gnat Prevention Methods

Since an infestation is difficult to identify it is important to employ preventative measures to save your houseplants from destruction. Fungus gnats are attracted to damp soil, so it is important to never overwater your plants. Sticky traps can be inserted into the soil to catch adult fungus gnats, while fly bait can be used to exterminate them. However, none of these tactics work to kill the larvae that will cause the most damage to your plants. If fungus gnats are becoming a persistent problem, call the experts at 877-BUG-FREE. Our technicians proudly serve residential and commercial clients in the greater Philadelphia area, as well as New Jersey and Delaware.

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