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Fruit flies get their name because they commonly lay eggs on overripe or rotten fruits. Throwing away the infested produce and sanitizing the area will usually do the trick to eliminate these pests within a day or so. However, if you’re still seeing a great number in your kitchen or throughout your home this is a good indicator they have found another source to lay their eggs and you’re dealing with a fruit fly infestation. Drain cleaners, bleach and traps will provide temporary relief, but you will need to hire a professional fruit fly & pest control company to identify the source of the infestation, remove it and apply effective treatment solutions. Book a Fruit Fly Treatment Appointment Today.

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Residential & Commercial Fruit Fly Infestation & Control

Since fruit flies are very small they can easily pass through the standard screens in your windows and doors. Once inside your home, fertilized females are looking for a place to lay their eggs. Fruits, vegetables, garbage cans, empty beer bottles and drains are all attractive spots. When a fruit fly infestation gets to the point where you feel disgusted in your own home, commercial pest control products & solutions are necessary. Our technicians are experts at identifying points of infestation you may have missed: clogged drains, cupboards, pantries, garbage and other such areas are the perfect breeding ground for fruit flies.

Tips to Prevent Fruit Flies

In most cases, sanitary measures are enough to keep fruit flies out of your home or business. Easy, effective tips to prevent a fruit fly infestation include:

  • Regularly clean trash cans & recycling cans
  • Keep fruit and vegetables in the fridge
  • Pick fruit & crops from your garden when they’re ripe. Do not leave rotten crops on the ground.
  • Use a drain cleaner in the kitchen & bathroom once a month
  • Wipe countertops with heavy-duty cleaner daily

These measures should be enough to lessen the chance of fruit flies during the spring and summer months.

If you’re seeing an alarming amount of fruit flies in your home even when taking all of the preventative measures we’ve highlighted, it’s time to call in the professionals. Make an appointment using our Online Scheduling Service 24/7. Fill out a few questions regarding your pest issue, select from the available dates/times and hit Submit. You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment.