Emerald Ash Borer Pest Control in Pennsylvania & Tri State

The emerald ash borer is an invasive pest that was first introduced to the United States in 2002 in Detroit. Since then, its presence quickly spread throughout the other states, destroying ash trees in its path. If you have Ash trees on your property, we highly recommend you seek treatment from our professional pest control company. Due to this exotic beetle’s ability to spread rapidly, many homeowners are forced to remove their beloved trees. 877-BUG-FREE provides effective treatment options against emerald ash borer beetles for residential and commercial properties. We serve Philadelphia & the Tri-State area including NJ, MD and DE. Schedule an Emerald Ash Borer Control & Treatment Appointment Online.


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Treatment & Emerald Ash Borer Control Services

The only way to protect your ash tree is to apply treatment as soon as the tree is planted and keep up with seasonal or yearly maintenance. 877-BUG-FREE offers several highly effective treatment options to combat emerald ash borer beetles.

1. Systemic Trunk Injection: Systemic trunk injections containing Emamectin Benzoate (Em Ben) applied every two years proves to be highly effective against emerald ash borer beetles. This treatment is recommended for high-value Ash trees.

2. Soil Injection/Soil Drench: Treating the surrounding soil with Imidacloprid is most effective on smaller trees. This solution must be applied annually in mid-Spring or mid-Fall.

3. Basal Trunk Sprays: Spraying the base of the Ash tree with Dinotefuran will reduce larval density; treatment is recommended once per year.

4. Topical Cover Sprays: We recommend pairing with this any of the above insecticide options to provide highly effective control.


Ash Tree Treatment & Protection

Since there are many invasive and wood destroying pests present in the Philadelphia tri-state area you may not be 100% sure the emerald ash borer is your culprit. Check your trees for the EAB’s distinct D-shaped hole, which they leave behind when they exit the bark as an adult. Another sure-tell sign of an infestation is heavy woodpecker damage on your ash tree. Since the larvae are cause of the most destruction it is imperative we begin treatment and EAB prevention as soon as the tree is planted.

Emerald Ash Borers are active from May until September and peak in July. If you have Ash trees on your property you want to preserve, the time to act is now. Schedule an Emerald Ash Borer Control & Treatment Service today!