Drain Fly Control Philadelphia & Tri-State Area

Drain flies get their name, because they gather, breed and lay their eggs in moisture or standing water. If these types of flying pests are present in your home or business the culprit is a slow or clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom. Household drain cleaner does not fix or exterminate drain flies, a professional drain fly control company must be called in to remove the breeding site. The technicians at 877-BUG-FREE are trained to treat and manage drain fly infestations and provide a plan for future prevention. We serve homeowners and business owners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for your convenience. Book a Drain Fly Control Appointment Online.

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Residential & Commercial Drain Fly Infestation Control

As with most fly species, the easiest way to detect an infestation is the presence of adult flies. Drain flies will typically be seen resting on bathroom walls or hovering around the breeding site(s). Our technicians will carefully inspect all bathrooms and areas with drains to identify all areas of infestations. Based on this information we’ll design a drain fly control & treatment plan for your situation.

Effective means of treatment & extermination include removing the breeding site, extracting the organic material collected inside the drain and cleaning the infested area with chemical solutions. Removing the material & larvae treats the current infestation, however the adult flies will still be active for about 20 days. Don’t be concerned if you still see a few flies buzzing about your house, they have nowhere to lay their eggs to continue the life cycle.

Prevention Solutions for Drain Flies

A slow-draining sink or tub may not seem like a big deal but left untreated you could be inviting drain flies into your home to feed and mate. While household cleaners won’t treat a current infestation, they can go a long way in preventing one. 877-BUG-FREE recommends bi-weekly cleanings of all drains in your home or business. This preventative measure will minimize the organic materials that collect within the drains. Kitchen sink drains, garbage disposals and dishwashers should be regularly cleaned and free of any food waste.

Living with flies in your home is unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially when they’re living & breeding in frequently used areas! Use our Online Scheduling Application to book an appointment 24/7 online. Fill out a few questions regarding your pest problem, select from the available dates/times & hit Submit. You’ll receive an email confirmation with the day and time our technician will arrive.