Cockroach Control & Extermination Services

Cockroaches are often associated with dirty or abandoned buildings, but the reality is every home or business is susceptible to an infestation. They feed on everything from garbage to sewage and leftover crumbs and can enter your home through drains and sewer pipes; these relentless pests stop at nothing for a place to feed and reproduce. Since these pests tend to hide from human contact, if you see one there is a good chance you already have an infestation. Protect your home and business from these disease-carrying pests by scheduling cockroach control services appointment with 877-BUG-FREE. Click here to schedule a cockroach control & extermination service.

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Effective Cockroach Treatment & Pest Control

There are several cockroach treatment and extermination services available, dependent upon the extent of your infestation. The very first step in your cockroach pest control plan is for our specialists to thoroughly inspect your residential or commercial property. Afterwards, we’ll design a comprehensive, eco-friendly & highly effective plan to treat, kill and prevent future cockroach invasions. At 877-BUG-FREE we typically use bait, growth regulators and insecticide sprays to eliminate adult cockroaches and disrupt the reproduction process. Hiring a professional cockroach pest control company is vital to ensure you kill the root of the problem. Since cockroaches are resistant to store-bought insecticides, they do little to nothing to get rid of your cockroach infestation.

Residential & Commercial Cockroach Prevention

Preventing cockroaches from entering your building is not only important to keep high cleanliness standards, but to prevent the spread of diseases like E. coli and Salmonella. Further, cockroaches cast-off their skin, dead bodies and droppings which aggravate allergies and leads to poor air quality. Professional exterminators recommend regular sanitation, keeping your home free of food/crumbs and ensuring garbage & recycle cans are sealed tightly. Additionally, seal cracks around windows & pipes, repair holes in windows, doors and the foundation. 877-BUG-FREE can set you up with an eco-friendly, highly effective pest exclusion service to maintain a healthy, pest-free living & working environment.

Cockroaches breed at an alarming rate, turning a few cockroaches into a full-blown infestation very quickly. At the first sign of a cockroach in your home or business book a cockroach pest control inspection & treatment with 877-BUG-FREE. Our online scheduling is easy and convenient with appointment times that fit around your busy life. After hour appointments aid in the discretion of our pest control services.

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