Cluster Fly Control in Philadelphia & Tri State Area

Flies are commonly associated with the warm weather of spring & summer, but cluster flies are actually a pest you’ll deal with inside your home during the fall & winter! Their appearance is very similar to the common housefly, but the cluster fly is slightly bigger & moves in a much slower fashion. These nuisance pests get their name because they gather in large numbers, usually in windows or ceiling light fixtures. Although they do not carry any dangerous diseases, their presence is still frustrating for homeowners. 877-BUG-FREE offers cluster fly control & extermination for both residential and commercial properties. We serve the greater Philadelphia area, as well as NJ, DE and MD. Book a Cluster Fly Extermination Appointment Online.

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Professional Cluster Fly Control & Extermination

When the season begins to change from summer to fall cluster flies are on a mission to find a place to overwinter. Sneaking into your home through the tiniest spaces, their favorite hiding spots are usually inside your walls and attic. While they do not lay eggs or breed indoors, they’re lured out in masses when the temperature in your home or outdoors warms up. Thinking it is springtime, cluster flies emerge looking for a way to escape. This is usually when you’ll spot the infestation, most noticeably large gatherings around windows. Our professional, effective extermination solutions include locating and sealing all points of entry, exterior perimeter power spray treatment and exclusion services.

Tips to Prevent Cluster Flies

The best way to stop a cluster fly infestation is to prevent them from entering your home or business. Inspect the exterior of your home or business to look for cracks and spaces in your siding, tiles, screens, doors and windows. If cluster flies are a regular issue in your home or business it is best to hire one of our highly trained technicians. We’re experts at identifying points of entry and creating a custom extermination and prevention plan. While pest control is a year-round process, the best time to focus on cluster fly prevention is in the late summer and early fall, before the weather starts to turn cool.

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