Carpenter Bee Infestation Removal in Philadelphia & Tri-State Area

Carpenter bees, also referred to as wood bees or boring bees, get their name from their ability to drill into wood and create tunnels to lay their eggs. They closely resemble honeybees, but do not share their social nature. Carpenter bees do not live in colonies or hives and are very territorial with humans and other bees. You’ll find them hovering around the wood structures or trim of your home including the soffit & fascia around the gutters and the undersides of elevated decks. If left alone, they’ll wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home or property, costing you thousands in repairs. Schedule a Carpenter Bee Removal Service today.

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Expert Carpenter Bee Removal & Control Services

The holes that carpenter bees bore into your home are not only unsightly but can lead to rot and water damage. These territorial wood destroying pests will use both their stinger and their teeth to protect their eggs and immature young. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge, experience and proper equipment to remove varying degrees of a carpenter bee infestation. Since young male carpenter bees spend the winter inactive in their tunnels and emerge in the spring to mate, the best time to get a carpenter bee removal inspection is late winter/early spring. Our removal and treatment options are eco-friendly and will not cause any further damage to your home or commercial building.

Bee Management & Preventative Solutions

As with any other pest, the best way to prevent costly damage is to make your properly less attractive and cut off easy access points. Our pest control experts will perform a thorough inspection of your property to identify all bore holes and evidence of carpenter bee activity. Prevention includes filling all empty holes, painting exposed wood and investing in annual property inspections by the professionals at 877-BUG-FREE. We offer many pest exclusion services including exterior power spray, deterrence and exclusive monthly home plans.

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