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Carpenter ants are attracted to homes with high concentrations of moisture, preferring to build their nests in damp and decaying wood. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. Instead, they excavate it, resulting in tunnels inside the structural support beams of your home or commercial property. These small pests can cause immense damage to the structural integrity of your property if they are left undiscovered for a long period of time. An annual inspection for all wood destroying pests is the best way to detect and treat these destructive pests before the infestation gets out of control. 877-BUG-FREE provides expert carpenter ant control solutions to residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Philadelphia area, NJ, MD and DE. Book a Carpenter Ant Control Appointment Online.

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Carpenter Ant Infestation Treatment & Control

DIY carpenter ant control is ineffective at solving your infestation problem, because it does not treat the core issue. The most important step to effective extermination is to locate the colony’s nest(s). Although these nests can be hidden in the deepest depths of your wood structure, our highly trained & experienced technicians are experts at locating and treating the infested area. The most effective means for treating a live carpenter ant infestation is bait, insecticides and chemical solutions.

  • Ant insecticides: Bait is placed near trails leading to and from the nest. The worker ants bring the sugary bait back & distribute it amongst the queen, larvae and other ants.
  • Chemicals: Sprays & insecticides are used to ensure the workers, larvae and the queen are eradicated for effective infestation removal. The chemicals we use are non-toxic to your family, pets and the environment.

Identifying Carpenter Ants & Preventative Solutions

There are three indicators that you have a carpenter ant infestation in your home or commercial property:

  1. Presence of worker and swarmer ants
  2. Wood shavings mixed with dead ants produced from tunneling
  3. A rustling sound can sometimes be heard as they’re tunneling through the interior of your property

While we’ll work to effectively remove the infestation, future preventative measures must be put into place. Most importantly, homeowners must resolve all moisture issues & make sure there is no mold problems. Next, all small openings are sealed, keep firewood & building materials 20 or more feet from your property and trim back any trees touching or hanging over your property.

Use our Online Scheduling Application to book a carpenter ant control inspection online. Ask about our Exclusive Home Plans which offers year-round protection for over 100 common insects.

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