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Boxelder bugs are small, one-half inch long, with a flat black body and distinctive red crisscrossing stripes on the wings. While they do not bite, sting or spread diseases, these pests travel in great numbers and can quickly infest a home or commercial property. They generally stay in their natural habitat until late fall when they go in search of a home for the cold winter months. The boxelder bug exterminator technicians on the 877-BUG-FREE team provides effective solutions to get rid of a current infestation, as well as methods to prevent reinfestation. Book an Appointment with a Boxelder Bug Exterminator today.

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Residential & Commercial Boxelder Bug Exterminator Services

Since boxelder bugs congregate in large numbers it is best to leave extermination and treatment to a professional pest management company. Our technicians will investigate your home/building and surrounding areas to identify the source of the infestation. For a small number of boxelder bugs, non-chemical methods such as vacuuming then removing the pests are preferred. For a larger presence, 877-BUG-FREE uses highly effective, safe, non-toxic chemical sprays to treat an active infestation. If boxelder bugs are an ongoing issue in your home or business, our exterminators will determine an ongoing, integrated program that includes non-chemical methods, prevention and pest exclusion.

Boxelder Bug Signs & Prevention Methods

There are two key ways to identify the presence of box elder bugs in your home or commercial property. First, they will gather in large numbers on the sides of houses, cars, windows or trees (maple or box elder trees). Second, they leave behind a brown or dark yellow liquid feces, visible on carpets, doorframes, windows and windowsills. Contact 877-BUG-FREE right away if you notice these signs. If you don’t take action early, you’ll have a full-fledged infestation on your hands.

To prevent an infestation in your property we recommend sealing cracks and holes, especially on the south and west side where the sun heats the walls in late summer and fall. Regularly check your window & door screens and repair holes. You may also want to consider removing infested maple trees from the property. An 877-BUG-FREE boxelder bug exterminator can spray treat the exterior of your home in mid-August to prevent these pests from gathering.

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