Pest Control & Removal of Stinging and Biting Pests

Stinging and biting pests pose a greater threat to humans and animals than most other pests our technicians deal with. First, they are known to cause damage by building nests on the roofing and siding of your home or commercial property. Second, bites and dangerous stings can trigger an allergic reaction or expose you to dangerous diseases. If you’re dealing with any of the most common stinging and biting pests on your residential or commercial property, contact 877-BUG-FREE right away. We conveniently serve Philadelphia & the tri-state area including NJ, DE and MD.

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877-BUG-FREE Stinging and Biting Pest Control Services NJ
877-BUG-FREE Residential & Commercial Bed Bug Treatment NJ


Small, oval shaped, brown pests that live on the blood of animals & humans. They enter your home or business undetected and multiply at alarming rates. Professional bed bug removal is necessary to completely wipe out the infestation.

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877-BUG-FREE Bee Hive Removal in Bucks County & Philadelphia PA


We practice the safe, humane removal and prevention of bee species, specifically the honey bee. Nests are usually formed inside the roof, attic or attached property. Professional tactics must be used to ensure you do not disturb or hurt the nest, colony or queen bee.

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877-BUG-FREE Stinging and Biting Pest Control Philadelphia


Since adult fleas are very tiny, 1/8 inch long, they are nearly impossible to detect on your furry friends until it’s too late. Their bites can cause discomfort, itchiness and irritation on your cat/dog and even your family members if the infestation gets out of control!

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877-BUG-FREE Stinging and Biting Pest Control Burlington County NJ


Ticks can carry dangerous diseases that pose a health risk to your family and your pets. They are most active in the spring, summer and fall, living in the trees, brush and tall grasses. Preventative methods & treatments can keep their population down.

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mosquito 1b


There are over 200 different species of mosquitos in the United States. Not only are their bites a nuisance, but they are also responsible for carrying and spreading many dangerous diseases. Contact us for a mosquito treatment spray plan.

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Side view of a Hornet, Vespa Crabro, isolated on white


A hornet infestation can be extremely dangerous. They create nests in bushes, trees, attics, sheds, decks and roofs. These stinging pests are relatively unpredictable and pose a serious threat to humans. Emergency services available.

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877-BUG-FREE Wasp Nest Removal & Control PA


If disturbed or feeling threatened, wasps will sting humans and animals alike. Our technicians use traps, insecticidal control and physical wasp nest removal to keep your yard free of these stinging insects. Emergency services available.

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predatory spider isolated on white


While many spider species do not pose a serious threat to humans, there are some dangerous ones that could be lurking in your home or yard. We’ll design an effective spider treatment and control plan for your home or business.

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