Bird Control Services in Burlington County, NJ & Tri-State Area

877-BUG-FREE offers specialized and professional solutions in all phases of bird control and removal. Birds are a nuisance particularly to business owners when they nest and roost around the structure of the building. Not only do they shed feathers & leave droppings, they can spread disease and damage your reputation. Controlling, removing and preventing birds is vastly different from pest control & extermination. It takes specific techniques, skills and experience to humanely handle and remove birds from residential and commercial properties. Backed by 20+ years of industry experience, 877-BUG-FREE utilizes a variety of proven methods to properly execute our bird control services. Our technicians serve the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. Book a Bird Control & Management Appointment Online.

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Commercial & Residential Bird Control & Removal Services

Whether birds have made their way into your property or they’re becoming a nuisance on the outside, we have the experience to get rid of your current & future pest bird problems. Upon our initial inspection we’ll determine the best method of removal & control based on the location, bird species and access points. We offer a range of discreet, humane and budget friendly bird control services to safely remove birds & their nests from your property without disrupting your business. Depending on the severity of your bird infestation, 877-BUG-FREE offers structural bird net, metal mesh exclusion, anti-roosting spikes & repellent, perch blockers, dropping removal & sanitation and more. Schedule an inspection to determine the best options for your property.

Common Bird Species for Management & Removal

Pigeons: Pigeons are one of the most common pest birds in Philadelphia and other similar city areas. The most effective solutions for pigeon control include exclusion netting, bird spikes, audio/visual and taste deterrents.

Seagulls: Homes and businesses located near coastal areas are familiar with these aggressive pest birds. Spikes, repellents and exclusion services work effectively to keep seagulls away from your property.

Starlings: When in a flocking phase, hundreds of starlings can overwhelm industrial sites, airports, farms, golf courses and residential neighborhoods. Exclusion netting, sensory deterrents and audio devices are effective means to control starlings.

Sparrows: Sparrows are noisy birds that can create health problems by spreading bacteria and fungal agents in their droppings and nesting materials. We can install netting to block them from nesting in eaves; gel repellent is effective and non-toxic to the birds and the environment.

Vultures: Large turkey vultures are common around industrial and commercial sites where trash is plentiful. Heavy duty spikes and nets block and prevent vultures from landing on your property.  

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