Residential & Commercial Bee Removal Services


The pest control specialists at 877-BUG-FREE are experts at identifying harmful vs. beneficial bee species and creating an effective, eco-friendly treatment plan. Bee removal, prevention and future pest control is available for both residential and commercial properties. Backed by 20+ years of experience, trust our pest control company to keep your home & office protected against bee species including honey bees, carpenter bees and bumble bees. Although bees present no great threat to humans, you may need bee removal & prevention services if someone in your home is allergic, they’re swarming in great numbers or building a nest on or in your property. Schedule a Bee Hive Inspection & Removal Appointment.

877-BUG-FREE Bee Hive Removal in Bucks County & Philadelphia PA
877-BUG-FREE Residential & Commercial Bee Hive Removal Services

Bee Hive Removal & Prevention

Bees, specifically honey bees, are an integral part of our eco-system due to the benefits of their pollination for crops grown in the United States. 877-BUG-FREE does not terminate honey bees or their hives. Instead, we opt for removal & relocation of the hive to protect the queen bee and the entire colony. 877-BUG-FREE is committed to eco-friendly pest control practices and saving endangered bee species. If bees are becoming a nuisance on your property always call our professionals to properly identify and deal with the bees. Our safe and humane bee control methods ensure no harm is done.

Bee Infestation & Pest Control Company

Bees are attracted to plants, flowers and sometimes human foods like sugary drinks and food waste. Although they generally nest in man-made hives or a hollow tree, these can become overcrowded forcing a colony to branch out in search of new shelter. These swarms can contain thousands of bees that can build a nest the size of a basketball in or around your home or business. The sheer volume of bees can make it uncomfortable for your family, coworkers and clients. If you discover a bee hive inside your roof, attic or attached to the property, call our bee pest control company to ensure proper removal.

877-BUG-FREE provides an online scheduling service which allows for 24/7 appointment booking. Simply pick the day and time that fits around your busy schedule and one of our pest control specialists will arrive on time and prepared to handle your pest problem. Our professional bee hive control company serves Philadelphia, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Willingboro, NJ for your convenience.

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