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Bed bugs are one of the few pests that keep themselves hidden so well that people or businesses often do not know they have an infestation. They are sneaky, expert hiders that only come out at night to feed. A few tell-tale signs of a bed bug problem in your home include blood marks on sheets/cushions, fecal matter on mattresses/sheets/walls or bed bug bites grouped in clusters. Over the counter treatments are almost always ineffective because they are not strong enough to not kill the root of the problem. Hiring a bed bug exterminator is the only way to effectively rid your home or business of an infestation. Book a Bed Bug Exterminator Service Today.

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Expert Bed Bug Treatment & Exterminator Services

Preparation for a bed bug treatment is key to preventing a reinfestation. The first step in the bed bug extermination process is a thorough investigation to identify the areas of concern and the degree of the infestation. These two factors combined allow our bed bug specialists to select the best method of extermination. 877-BUG-FREE generally uses steam vapor or chemical treatment, which are both highly effective and safe for humans, pets & the environment.

Steam Vapor: Bed bugs are extremely fragile, therefore cannot survive at high pressure or high temperature. Steam vapor, or heat treatment, kills bed bugs on contact, while also exterminating the eggs and preventing a reinfestation. The dry vapor steam can reach temperatures up to 220 degrees and can seep into cracks, crevices and deep into surface fabric for a full extermination.

Chemical Treatment: We apply our powerful, yet safe & non-toxic, chemicals to surface areas including baseboards, floorboards and walls to kill bed bug in all stages. Not only does the chemical treatment provide effective extermination, but also leave a barrier for future protection.

Bed Bug Pest Prevention Tips

Unfortunately, since bed bugs hitch a ride into your home from other places & people it is hard to fully prevent an outbreak. Our best tips include cleaning luggage before entering the home, washing all clothes before putting them back into your closet and keep an eye out for any signs. If you see the smallest indication of a bed bug in your home or business call an exterminator right away.

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