Home & Commercial Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment

Bed bugs are a nuisance pest that are very difficult to find and get rid of without professional treatment. Once a bed bug infestation has been identified it can make your home life extremely uncomfortable and singlehandedly ruin the reputation of a business. Stop an infestation in its track with a highly customized bed bug extermination, prevention & treatment plan from 877-BUG-FREE. Our exterminators are experts at identifying even the smallest sign of the presence of bed bugs and know exactly where these tricky invaders like to hide. We work quickly and discreetly! Schedule a Bed Bug Inspection & Prevention Service Online.

877-BUG-FREE Residential & Commercial Bed Bug Treatment NJ
877-BUG-FREE Bed Bug Treatment & Extermination NJ

Safe, Highly Effective Bed Bug Treatment Services

Most of the pests we treat enter your property from the outside and can be easily prevented through power spray treatment. However, bed beds primarily enter homes by hitchhiking on humans and their belongings like suitcases & clothing. They also primarily come out only at night and retreat into hiding during the day which makes them very difficult to discover. When you schedule a bed bug inspection and extermination through 877-BUG-FREE, it involves the following:

  • Complete & thorough inspection of box spring, headboard, fixtures, recliner, even behind photo frames!
  • Several fast & effective treatment options offered
  • Follow up inspection after completed treatment
  • An industry leading 6 month warranty against reinfestation!

Pest Control Specialists for Bed Bugs & Insects

877-BUG-FREE has been serving residential and commercial properties throughout NJ, PA, DE and MD for over 20 years. Our knowledge, experience and dedication to our clients means you can trust us to inspect, identify and treat bed bugs and a wide range of other pests quickly & effectively. Our pest control methods are rooted in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. IPM allows our pest control specialists to focus on identifying & eliminating the infestation from the source. Our bed bug treatment methods are highly effective, yet safe for the health of humans, pets and the environment.

Easily schedule a bed bug inspection and treatment service through our Online Appointment Booking feature. Simply select a day of the week and time that fits into your busy schedule. No rescheduling because your appointment wasn’t available. Just a simple way to book a pest control appointment!

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