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Unlike birds or other wildlife pests, bats are not known to cause extensive physical damage to a home or commercial property. It is common to see bats living on the side of your home & under the eaves, but it can become uncomfortable if one happens to make its way inside. Since they are nocturnal creatures you may not become aware of their presence in your home right away. Look for bat droppings, a strong odor from urine, grease marks and bat bugs. To avoid injury to yourself or the animal, call 877-BUG-FREE for professional bat control & removal. Our technicians know the right precautions and procedures to safely remove bats from inside your home or commercial property. Schedule a Bat Control Appointment Online.


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Bat Removal and Control Services

The most effective form of bat control involves funneling to draw them out of the property then integrating exclusion to keep them out in the future. Once the animal has made its way into your property, we do not recommend closing any openings or possible entry points until our technicians arrive. If you block off the specific area where the bat entered, they could become trapped and die. Bat funneling services include installing a mesh webbed netting over all primary openings. This netting allows the bats to leave your property, but not reenter. Once we confirm all bats are gone, a permanent screen is installed to block off the opening.


Trapping & Exclusion for Bats & Wildlife Animals

Our bat trapping and removal services are meant to relocate without causing any harm or unnecessary stress to the wildlife animal. Hand removal of the bats may be necessary if they’re injured, which will be determined during your initial inspection. Our technicians are licensed and trained in humane bat trapping when funneling is not a viable option. Bat exclusion strategically begins in late July/early August when young bats have left to forage for insects with the adults. This avoids trapping bats inside your property and ensures safe, effective exclusion.

Whether you have a group of bats living inside your residential or commercial building or want to set up a plan for seasonal exclusion, 877-BUG-FREE offers humane & effective solutions. Our pest control technicians can help with a variety of wildlife pest animals, as well as bugs, insects & invasive pests. Schedule a Bat Control Inspection & Appointment Online.

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