Humane Barn Swallow Control Services

Barn swallows are often found in fields, meadows and rural areas, usually near a source of water. They are a nuisance bird pest because they build mud nests in the eaves and overhangs of barns, stables and buildings, which are not only unsightly, but damaging. Since these birds are protected, property owners are expected to take safe and proactive steps to remove existing nests and prevent barn swallows from settling. To comply with state and local guidelines, a barn swallow control and exclusion company should be called to remove an existing nest & deter future inhabiting. 877-BUG-FREE offers safe and humane swallow control services for residential and commercial properties in Bucks County Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Willingboro, NJ and Delaware. Book a Barn Swallow Control Appointment Online.

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Barn Swallow Control & Deterrent Solutions

Professional barn swallow deterrent is important to avoid hefty fines by state and local officials as they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Under this act it is illegal to intentionally capture, kill or disturb barn swallows, their nests or eggs. The best solution for barn swallow control is by installing safe and humane deterrents. Our technicians can install bird netting, bird slope or sound deterrents, which prevents barn swallows from building nests on your building. Eliminating food sources (bird feeders & garbage) and disinfecting previous nesting areas will make your property less desirable.

Barn Swallow Nest Removal

Under the protective act, if a barn swallow builds a nest on your home or building and lays an egg, the nest must remain intact until the hatchlings are born and left. The nests should be removed immediately after the chicks leave the nest to avoid another barn swallow moving in. At 877-BUG-FREE we can expertly handle the safe removal of a barn swallow nest and take proactive measures to deter them from coming back to your property. After the nest has been removed, we will clean and disinfect the area(s) to remove scents that may be attractive. Further, we’ll design a custom barn swallow deterrent plan to keep these birds off your property.

If you think barn swallows have started nesting in the eaves or walls of your residential or commercial building, schedule an appointment with our pest and bird control company. We have 20+ years of experience dealing with the same and humane removal of many different bird and wildlife species. Book a Barn Swallow Control & Deterrent Appointment Online today.