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Don’t let the small size fool you, ants can be one of the most difficult pests to eliminate once they’ve set up a colony in or near your home. Not only can a queen ant lay up to 800 eggs in a single day, but these smart pests can have satellite colonies nearby, making DIY extermination impossible. It takes a skilled pest control company with many years of experience to identify the species of ants and properly locate all colonies. 877-BUG-FREE has over 20 years of experience in ant control services, removal and prevention. Our exterminators serve Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas in NJ and DE. Schedule an Ant Control Service & Inspection Online.


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Residential & Commercial Ant Removal & Control Services

Ants are highly social pests; if you see a few in your kitchen that means there are more nearby & you’re in danger of an infestation. Since different ant species require different treatment methods it is always best to consult with a pest professional. As with all our pest control services, we’ll begin with a thorough inspection of your interior, exterior and surrounding yard. This allows us to identify the species of ants, colony locations and entry points. Cracks and gaps in your windows, doors, screens, foundation, etc. must be properly sealed to prevent future pest entry. These points should also be regularly inspected and resealed. After this, our pest control technicians will move ahead with the proper means for extermination.


Expert Ant Colony Exterminator

Once the ant colonies and nests have been identified we’ll begin treatment to eliminate an active infestation and control ones in the future. Bait, nest treatment and barrier sprays are the most common way to get rid of an existing ant colony. Exterior perimeter power spray treatment is also used as a barrier against ants & other insects to lessen the chance of them entering your property. This preventative pest control method is effective against ants, crickets, pill bugs, centipedes, fleas and much more. We recommend the service at least two times per years, but seasonally will provide the best protection.

To safeguard your home all year long from ants and other pests, enroll in one of our monthly Residential Pest Control Home plans. Not only does this provide affordable protection for over 100 common pests, but termite inspection, emergency calls for covered pests, discounted prices and more. Schedule an ant control service & inspection online today.

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